Six reasons a CEO should involve in building their brand’s presence in social media

What does Richard Branson (Virgin Group), Michael Dell (Dell), Eric Schmidt (Google) and Anand Mahindra (Mahindra Group) have in common? They are social media rock stars! Who have an active presence and engage with people at a personal level.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, Has a very active presence in social media (see case study below)

Why should a CEO care to be active in social media? How will it benefit in building his business and brands?

When a CEO understand how social media works, the impact will trickle down to rest of the organization, and for the right reasons

  1. A brand’s personality, equity and accrued goodwill will be best understood and known only by the man (or woman) who built it; brand personalities are an extension of the founder/CEO. Don’t we all know about Apple’s little tolerance for errors, minimalistic designs and sheer performance are an extension of Steve Jobs’ personality?
  2. Business and marketing objectives should be defined by the CEO, it can’t be left to a 20 something guy handling their social media handles. Besides, evaluation of the same on periodical basis in tune with the PLC curve will happen only if the CEO is personally involved.
  3. Category knowledge, industry trends and thought leadership are best known to a CEO, these are very critical to differentiate the brand’s offering to audience; an active involvement by the top guns will help them gain first hand insights in the culture shift and emerging trends.
  4. Insights culled from in house R&D, market research reports are guarded by a CEO, and they have to control how much of the same has to be disseminated in what frequency.
  5. Avoiding, managing and recovering from a crisis situation is much agonizing if a CEO has an active presence in social media, understands the gravity of the situation and is available to comment when the crisis occurs.
  6. Build a cult like image. The charisma and aura of a CEO is something that can do magic in portraying the brand/organization’s image to the outer world and aid in attracting real talent and create evangelists.
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