Disdain what you cant have and don’t fight for honor

Microsoft just announced its new CEO, the 46 year old India born Satya Nadella, while I actually care less to write about that, what got my attention was a competitive strategy in the hindsight which has nothing to do with appointment of this new CEO but the company’s digital policies.

Satya Nadella's videos hosted on YouTube

Satya Nadella’s videos hosted on YouTube

Microsoft has created a dedicated web page about its new poster boy www.microsoft.com/ceo; I was perusing it and saw four featured videos; on playing it I noticed the fact that the videos are hosted on YouTube. A platform from Microsoft’s arch rival Google.

What does competitive strategy has to do with this you ask? They very well could have hosted the videos as a simple flash video without having to use YouTube, but that would have limited all the Apple users and nonetheless given a bad streaming experience for rest of the world.

Well, Microsoft tried & failed creating social media platforms but that doesn’t mean they will reinvent the wheel for video sharing platforms now.

End note:  A competitive strategy is  not about doing same thing your competition is doing, but to disdain what you cant have and not fighting for the sake of honor; a blue ocean strategy indeed