The Internet of Everything. How will a few years from now look?


At the start of this year, this is the scenario of internet and its penetration globally

Internet user of world

2015 digital world: 4.2 billion have no Internet access, 3.6 billion are not mobile, 5.1 billion not on social media

But out of all the people who are already online, they are also making a few ‘things’ online, this includes everything from kitchen stove to car dashboard.

at this rate, it will be larger market than PC, Smartphone and Tablet market combined! By 2020, 1 billion homes are expected to be on Wi-Fi and that’s a very big catalyst for the growth of IOT.

Beside the growing internet connectivity, what are the key driving forces for this estimated growth that’s talking of astronomical numbers?

  • New startups will Re-imagine our homes and cars. The way we live, work, travel will be redefined by new age entrepreneurs across the world.
  • Mobile and other devices will start playing a ‘controller’ role. Every device in home will be linked to phone(s). This is the advanced version of car-driver-seat-adjustment. Everything in home will be customizable.
  • Companies that sells white goods will start positioning their appliances as smart and energy efficient.
  • Car manufactures will use IOT to provide enhanced safety, comfort, customizations and perhaps even the dawn of self-driving cars could start.
  • Education will evolve too, no students will read the same thing or be examined on same parameter.
  • Healthcare will be far more preventive, detecting and diagnosing serious conditions will be years before symptoms that are know today show. Maybe since your kitchen and fork are connected, there will be means to predict which ailment one is likely to suffer based on food and water consumption.
  • Identity and Privacy  management companies will be most sought after,  should i say more?

Will keep adding as I foresee this inevitable phenomenon that’s going to have a reign of supremacy in the years to come.

You too can help me add to the list. send is as tweet and i’ll include it here.